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Mary Heaton first experienced a sheepdog trial in 1949. Very quickly she and her husband Allan were hooked, afflicted by a condition they called “dog-itis” which proved to be incurable and remained with them for the rest of their lives.
Mary’s unique collection of sheepdog trial memorabilia covers a period of nearly sixty years. Her full set of ISDS Stud books, countless journals, programmes and brochures, and a library of sheepdog related books is topped by her personal “scrapbooks” which have been published here and condensed into two collections so everyone can enjoy the memories.
The ten scrapbooks contain over 1600 press cuttings, newspaper artivles, shepherd’s profiles, trial reports and results from local, national, international and overseas trials. More than 950 photographs of dogs and handlers bring to life over sixty years of sheepdog trialling which can now be shared by all.

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“I had the pleasure of knowing Mary and Allan Heaton for many years. They were friends of my parents and I first met them as a young child at the sheepdog trials where they and my father competed. I found Mary to be a very positive lady who knew her own mind and would stand no nonsense. Although she was very supportive of Allan she was a very capable handler in her own right. Bravely entering a male dominated sport, Mary first competed in 1965 when there were very few lady handlers. In addition to competing she held a keen interest in judging. She was very proud to be the first lady ever to judge the English National when it was held in Allerton Park, Knaresborough, in the year 2000. Mary must have been a very busy lady. She helped Allan run the farm, raised three children and was an active member of the Women’s Institute. All this along with training her dogs and competing with them in the trials. Nevertheless, she somehow found the time to compile these marvellous scrapbooks which remarkably she kept going for over fifty years. This certainly marked her commitment and dedication to the sheepdog trialling world. To keep these records boxed up in the attic would have been such a waste. They have so much to offer. For the older generation they can look back and remember. For the youngsters they can put faces to those well know handlers’ names and gain an insight into how things were years ago. I think Andrew Heaton has to be commended for taking the initiative to have these journals printed. I am sure all who read them will find them extremely interesting.”   Elaine Hill

Just a few of the comments received on the collections so far:-

“I have only one major criticism of it. I can't stop reading it and putting it down. My thanks for all the hard work it would have taken to produce and God Bless your mum for compiling it in the first place.” T.S.

“Absolutely fabulous, great memories of times gone by, the sheepdog world owes you an immense vote of thanks.” B.B.

“Thank you for all your work. A wonderful legacy.” S.M.

“These are 'Must have' for anyone interested in dog trialling history. Bob not had his head out of the books all night!!!” J.G.

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